Document Scanning

Optimize file access with document scanning and imaging.

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Keep your important documents at your fingertips.

We know how detrimental missing documents and lost time can be. Our scanning solutions have helped our clients drastically improve efficiency and accuracy in their organizations.

All Your Files in One Place

Once you digitize your files, your days of hunting through stacks of documents are over! Your documents are stored digitally, all in one place.

Find Them Anytime, Anywhere

Need access to a document fast? Don’t worry, your digital documents are organized and tagged for easy browsing.

Maximize Office Efficiency

Allow your team to do their best work. Document imaging significantly improves workflow for employees and saves valuable company time.


Your documents are digitized in four simple steps.

Step 1


We make things easy for you by having our driver pick up your documents at your doorstep. All boxes are barcoded to ensure the chain of custody. Then we begin organizing and preparing your documents for scanning, removing staples, bindings, and repairing if necessary, to ensure that your documents scan accurately.

Step 2


After all the prep work is done, we utilize document scanners to scan your physical files. This is done in a secure, organized way to make the process efficient and accurate. We pride ourselves in offering our clients significant time saved.

Step 3

Quality Control

We inspect the documents to ensure that they are legible and free of missing pages or double feeds. Each image is examined for inaccuracies and corrected as needed. Next, we categorize and index all your scanned files.

Step 4


Finally, the completed files are uploaded to USB or securely sent via encrypted email, depending on your preference. The documents can be stored, destroyed, or returned assembled or unassembled. Don’t worry though, there’s a 90 day grace period.

It’s that simple! Your files are now imaged and more accessible than ever.

Back up any document

We work with many different industries and can scan a wide variety of document types. If you’re wondering if our document scanning services can help, reach out to us!

Speed up your search process

If your employees are spending time digging through stacks of paper, your company processes can be improved. Let us help! Document scanning services are the ideal solution to streamline your business and get back your valuable time.

Protect yourself from disaster

Disasters can strike in many forms, and if your business is not prepared it can risk losing all the information it has kept in hard copy format. Documents that are scanned can be backed up easily and stored in the cloud to ensure seamless continuity.

Frequently Asked Questions

We customize our document scanning services to meet the specific requirements of our clients. As we learn more about your document scanning project, we will better be able to provide an accurate quote reflecting the details of the project.

Before the scanning takes place, a timeline is established to determine a date that you want your documents scanned by, and factors that influence the overall complexity of the project play a role in setting the proper expectation. Of course, there may be an urgent need for a few files to be scanned right away, and we do our best to accommodate to such requests as needed.

Finished scanned files are delivered via encrypted USB or encrypted e-mail.

Once your documents have been scanned, it is up to you how you want to proceed with the hard copy duplicates. In many cases, with regulation and compliance in mind, clients either store the physical files for the remainder of their retention period or have them shredded and destroyed if they are no longer needed. Either way, we can provide secure document storage and shredding if need be. You also could have the files returned to you if that is your preference.

All document scanning takes place locally in our Los Angeles office. You can rest assured that throughout the whole process your documents are never outsourced to another facility.

You are able to bring your documents to our scanning center, but we also provide pickup and delivery of files as well.

No, it is not necessary to remove these items, but appreciated if done beforehand as it can speed up the timeframe for when to expect the finished digitized files.


It’s time to make the switch. Request a quote to go paperless today!