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About ScanMyFiles.com

ScanMyFiles.com is a secure document scanning and imaging service specializing in partnering with Southern California businesses to help them reach their digital conversion goals. With options available to immediately realize the benefits of document scanning, we aim to provide an affordable and effective solution, while maintaining the integrity of information. Trust us to help you protect your business.


ScanMyFiles.com provides you with a simple solution to securely transform your documents into digital files.


Document scanning creates an extra layer of security for your company’s sensitive information, as digital files can be encrypted and password protected once the hard copy documents are converted.


When facing multiple legal and regulatory mandates, your business wants to be able to quickly produce the documents necessary to fulfill requirements. Document scanning provides organization of those documents that may be necessary for an audit or compliance check, so they are readily available to provide at a moment’s notice.


In today’s technological age, the speed in which you are able to respond to requests from clients or vendors is of the utmost importance. If it takes employees hours to retrieve information that should take minutes, it puts your business at a disadvantage. Scanning your documents maximizes efficiency when retrieving a file and creates a better experience for everyone.


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